Quint Digital File Upload

To submit files electronically via FTP, contact Quint for login information.
Electronic Prepress File Submission Guidelines

1. Send us the following with your job:

  • All fonts, printer and screen, or convert fonts to paths/outlines*
  • All graphics and linked files
  • High resolution images

These software applications will properly prepare your files for submission by creating a folder with all linked images, fonts and reports. Use these techniques:
InDesign- “Package” Files
Quark- “Collect for Output”

2. *Send the complete set of each font as Type One with all the screen and printer fonts.

  • Do not submit True Type fonts
  • True Type fonts may result in problems such as unexpected reflow
  • Do not make type bold or italic using menu styles
  • If True Type Fonts must be used, converting to paths will fix reflow problems

3. Include the latest printed proof of all pages.

  • Printouts should be at 100% (If possible).

4. Construct the pages to the correct trim size.

  • Printer’s spreads or custom trims are not necessary.
  • We will impose the job according to your press layout.

5. Requirement for Photoshop Images:

  • 300 DPI (or line screen X 2) for CMYK and grayscale images.
  • 600 to 1200 DPI for bitmap images.
  • Do not save files with compression options like LZW or JPEG compression.
  • No Slashes “/”,  Dashes “-“, or Periods “.”in file name.
  • CMYK Color Mode images
  • Acceptable file formats
    TIF, JPG (Uncompressed), PS

6. Application Capabilities

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    -Acrobat PDF
  • Quark Express
  • Call for other application capabilities