Quint is a manufacturer of DuPont Cyrel® Digital Photopolymer Flexographic Printing Plates

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Flexible Resolutions and Speed

Our CDI is equipped with Fiber lasers and dedicated optics that guarantee superior and reliable imaging. This device features fully variable imaging resolutions between 2000 and 2540 ppi, respectively 2400 and 4000ppi via the HighRes Optics. It delivers a significantly extended tonal range with smooth vignettes, exceptional highlights and shadows.

HD Flexo: The New Standard for Flexo Quality

HD Flexo is a combination of high-resolution optics of 4,000 pixels per inch (ppi) with unique finely tuned screens specifically designed for higher imaging resolutions on flexo plates. The result is a digital flexo plate for superb printing quality and stability.
Benefits at a glance:

  • An astounding tonal range with extended color gamut and improved solid densitities
  • Smooth vignettes – print to zero
  • Reduction of correction and retouching of CT images
  • Simplified conversion of printing processes

Excellent Print Quality

High resolution imaging on the CDI creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink lay-down and increasing ink density on the final print. The result is improved image richness and contrast. This is especially beneficial for PANTONE® colors, and for white underprints.

Repeatable Quality

The superior photopolymer flexographic printing plate quality from a CDI with HD Flexo is exactly what a printer needs to achieve outstanding results: fine highlights, excellent details and superb coverage in the shadows. The CDI delivers it the first time, and every time. HD Flexo plates have been proven to print more consistently than conventional in long print runs. Then our valued clients are able to deliver repeatable quality, job after job.

Environmentally Sustainable

The CDI images straight on the plate, and eliminates the need for film and chemical processing. Together with spot color to process conversion, less ink and less substrate wastage that further reduces print’s environmental footprint.

Quint Capabilities


Flexographic Printing Plates

1000 BP Cyrel 35″× 47″
2001 DuPont Cyrel® 42″ × 60″


CDI Spark XT 35″ x 47″
CDI Spark 42″ x 60″
Cyrel Fast TD 4260 NW

Film Output

Esko laser ablated film
Film sizes up to 42″ x 60″


Epson Pro 9900 HDR
Epson Pro 9600

Pressroom Benefits:

  • Faster Register
  • Up to Color Quicker
  • Quicker Match to Proof
  • Better Results with Combination Plates
  • Start to Finish Consistency
  • Ease of Operation
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Productivity
  • Profitability

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